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Half Hour Wasted - Episode 338


Record Collection


Join the HHW gang as they reminisce about their early music memories and favorite songs/albums growing up in this, the first of two music episodes.




Half Hour Wasted - Episode 337


Twenty minutes get past the guys before they finally get around to talking about what they intended to fill 30 minutes with: Kick Ass 2 and Castle.



Half Hour Wasted - Episode 336


The three hundred thirty-sixth episode of HHW has the boys going back in time, talking about dongles, and trying to play a "game." This episode is weird... all because Bill isn't keeping track of his only son.


Download a large picture of Sage's game HERE.



Half Hour Wasted - Episode 335


This week the HHW crew discusses the top ten sci-fi duels from a list found on the interwebs. It’s yummy/geeky goodness from the HHW oven.