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We Watch Watchmen Episode 09

The End Is Here!! Join Russ, Darrell, Aaron and Jim as they break down the finale of HBO's Watchmen mini-series!!


We Watch Watchmen Episode 8

Double the episodes! Double the fun! The whole crew is here to discuss "An Almost Religious Awe" and "A God Walks into Abar"! Join our double-sized recap and review with Russ, Aaron, Rich, Darrell and Jim! 


We Watch Watchmen: If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own

Join Russ, Rich and Jim for this somewhat discombobulated episode looking at the fourth episode of the HBO series, titled,"If You Don't Like My Story Write Your Own." in which we meet Lady Trieu and Lubrication Man!


We Watch Watchmen: Little Fear of Lightning

T Another minute till midnight as we see the origin of Looking Glass, learn some shocking revelations about the 7th Kavalry, and Ozymandias on Europa? Join Darrell, Rich and Jim as they recap, review and try to make sense of "Little Fear of Lightning".


We Watch Watchmen: She Was Killed By Space Junk

It's six minutes till midnight! Join Darrell, Russ, Rich, guest star Aaron and Jim and we recap and review and discuss the latest episode of HBO's Watchmen mini-series!