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LOD 253 - The Longbox of Doom - Wizard World Austin 2013

Russ attended Wizard World Austin and sat in on the Comics and Social Media Panel. Enjoy the audio courtesy of John Mayo The Comic Book Page Podcast Comics Alternative Podcast


LOD 252 - The Longbox of Doom - December BS Show

Join Jordan and Jim as they wrap up their coverage of Marvel's Infinity event, preview not only some of our picks for the upcoming Dudie Awards but also some upcoming highlights coming to the HHWLOD Network, and talk about what we have been reading comicswise.


LOD 218 - Wizard World Austin 2012

This episode we get the lowdown on Wizard World Austin Comic-Con from our resident Texan, Russ.  We also take a close look at the Iron Man 3 trailer, rave about Fantastic Four #611 and cover Dishonored, our latest video game obsession. It's a hellufa lot of BS from from the dudes!


LOD 169 - Wizard World Austin 2011

Russ went to the Austin Comic Con from Wizard this past weekend. He interviewed Freddie Williams II, Michael Golden, Anthony Guajardo, and Nick Pitarra. It was a great time even if his car was towed...


LOD 117 - Wizard World Austin 2010

It's 1/2 of Half Hour Wasted and Legion of Dude this week as Frank and Russ invade the Austin Comic Con. To help us out we have a bunch of interviews with attendees and creators. We also rangle in Dennis Pu, John Mayo, and Trevor Pearson for a great dinner conversation. It was a lot of fun and we look forward to the con coming back next year. Enjoy the Super Sized episode of The Legion of Dudes.

Show Notes
Rob Osborne
The Comic Book Page Podcast
Red 5 Comics
Austin Books and Comics
Wizard World Home Page
Garage Sale


LOD 251 - November 2013 BS Show

Russ, Jim, and Jordan discuss Infinity #4, Avengers #21, New Avengers #11, Infinity #5, X-Men: Battle of the Atom (spoilers), Spider-Man, Conan, DC move to California and a bunch more.




Russ and Jordan discuss Infinity #2 by Johnathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, Dustin Weaver, and Justin Ponsor.  Avengers #18 by Johnathan Hickman, Leinel Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho.  And New Avengers #9 by Johnathan Hickman, Mike Deodato, and Frank Martin.



Longbox of Doom 248.1 - Marvel Infinity #1



In this bonus episode: Jim and Jordan sit down to talk about issue one of Marvel's Infinity event from Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung. What should you know going into the event? What did we think of the first issue? Listen to find out!


LOD 248 - The Longbox of Doom - August 2013 BS Show

Russ, Jim and Jordan BS about DC Bungles,Valiant, Young Avengers, Action Lab Sale,Battle of the Atom,Infinity,IDW Judge Dredd,The Private Eye,X-Factor,Kick Ass,Marvel's big guns over at Image and much more.


LOD 247 - The Longbox of Doom - SDCC 2013 Recap

It's our San Diego Comic-Con 2013 wrap up show. We discuss the big news coming out of the show and what it means for us geeks.


LOD 246 - The Longbox of Doom - July 2013 BS Show

This month we discuss our disdain for the ending of Age of Ultron, Spider-Man, Wolverine Adamantium Edition, Byrne FF Artist Edition, Batman '66, Villains Month, Boom buying Archaia, and we start with a salute to the late Ryan Davis of


LOD 245 - The Longbox of Doom - Saga Volume 1



Jim, Jordan, and Russ break down Saga vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughn and Fiona Staples. This Image Comics series has made a ton of top 10 lists including The 2012 Dudies.