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Uniquely Geekly Reader 8-5-13


Well, I am back from paternity leave (Johnathan Artemis Dietz, 8 lbs. 9 oz., mother and child are fine) with a few reviews on tap, including the latest from the new direction for DC Animation Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, the new downloadable content for BioShock Infinite Clash in the Clouds, and the suspenseful Sci-fi flick Europa Report. Lets get underway...

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The Uniquely Geekly Reader 7-9-13

    There have been a lot of changes here at HHWLOD Headquarters over the past few months (and we greatly appreciate all of your patience and support) and there are still some thrilling additions and surprises yet to come as well. (new podcast? really? You didn’t hear me say that did you?).On top of that I just started a new job, am about to welcome my new son into the world, and have just been generally too busy to give you the weekly comics review blog you readers deserve. One of the minor changes will be the retooling of this blog, from a weekly comicentric blog to a biweekly review blog that will include comics to be sure but also expand to cover animation, videogames, TV, movies, fiction and pretty much anything in the realm of my Geekosphere; almost a companion piece to my other blog, Retropolis, where I review old-school geekery, available here: . The Geekly Reader will focus on new stuff or at least relatively new stuff; Retropolis on the retro. Capiche? Lets get a move on.


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Weekly Geekly Reader Heroes Con Edition

Hi folks! This week’s reviews have been preempted by lots of personal stuff but also by my attendance at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC last weekend. It was a great show, and kind of the antidote to the almost oppressive push of a San Diego or New York Comicon. The pace is more relaxed, the hall isn’t as densely crowded, and while a major amount of comics talent was present, everyone was approachable. I highly recommend the convention and have assembled by way of a review and summation some Do’s and Don’t’s for your trip to next years HeroesCon, although a lot of these tips can apply to any major con this summer.

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Weekly Geekly Reader 6-20-13

Weekly Geekly Reader 6-20-13


Lots going on in the comics world while the geeks choose sides on the whole Man of  Steel thing. Good movie? Bad movie? We already hashed all that out on a Reel Heroes episode soon to be available on this site, but a bunch of other stuff happened besides DC ‘s Big Blue. Well okay one of the comics I review this week is a Superman comic but we’ve also got the end of the Age of Ultron (FAKE SPOILER: He was a frackin’ toaster!!), a new take on Batman’s early career, new comics from Gerard Way, the welcome return of an old favorite and a prequel comic to one of the biggest summer movies we haven’t seen yet. Let’s get rollin’...


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