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Daredevil Director Steven DeKnight Holds Twitter Q & A

Daredevil director Steven DeKnight held an impromptu Q & A session on Twitter last night and the result was a mixed bag of telling info and subject dodging.  Some of the secrecy is understandable of course. I wouldn’t expect him to spoil any major details about the upcoming show and questions about Daredevil showing up in the Civil War and/or Infinity War films are kind of ridiculous at this point.  The Q and A comes on the heels of the official announcement that this first Marvel/Netflix project will be released on April 10, 2015, roughly one month ahead of previous rumors.





Some interesting notes:


  • He’s considers the show “PG-15”
  • The early costume is based off Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear
  • The show was shot in 4K
  • He says he is a big fan of Wilbur Day (Stilt Man), but he was probably joking.
  • He claims to not know the date we will see a trailer
  • The series is drawn from no comic run specifically but is influenced by “the spirit of Miller and Bendis”.