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5 Questions from the Latest Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer

5 Questions from the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

The latest version of the Age Of Ultron trailer dropped last night during the big game and with it came a ton of both new footage and new mysteries.  Let’s take a look out the top five questions it raised in the eyes of the HHWLOD gang!
5. How does Ultron evolve into this?
At this point we have already seen several different versions of the evil AI known as Ultron. What starts off as a hobbling mess of spare parts, ends up a polished and sleek killing machine. What’s most interesting is how he will get from point A to point B.  Ultron is more of a program or a virus rather than a single robot and I think that is the key to figuring out how he will change forms in the film.  Does Ultron infect all of Stark Industries and gradually transform Tony’s drone building system into an Ultron building system?  If so, how did he get in?  Maybe this is a clue as to why everyone seems to be so mad at Tony.  Maybe Tony took some risks with his drone programming that led to the rogue AI taking over.  Banner also does not appear to be innocent, he calls Ultron by name in this trailer.  We have also not yet mentioned The Vision.  Another AI possibly created by Stark/Banner?  Could the tech used to build Vision have some way been turned to also become Ultron?  Possibly vice versa?  Let’s also not dismiss the theme of Pinocchio that has been front and center.  The story of a wooden puppet becoming a real boy.  We’ve heard a couple renditions of the song “I’ve Got No Strings” and Ultron monologues about puppets and strings in a previous trailer.   It’s obvious that Ultron wishes to evolve into a higher being and we see several phases in this trailer.
4. Who is Andy Serkis playing?

From the claw necklace he is sporting, to the same chinstrap beard that he wears in the comics, all signs point to Andy Serkis playing Ulysses Klaw.  This has pretty much been the guess of the entire internet since the first shots of Serkis in character surfaced. His physical likeness isn’t the only reason that this character seems to be a great fit.  Klaw also has major ties to Wakanda, Vibranium, and the Black Panther.  

In the world of the comics, Klaw is a hired assassin who kills T’Chaka (father of T’Challa) after he refused to negotiate the sale of Vibranium, Wakanda’s most rare and powerful resource.   Making things more interesting, Vibranium is also the alloy used to forge Captain America’s shield and Howard Stark mentions that he used all he had to make it.  It will be interesting to learn who Klaw is working for and how it effects the movie universe.
3. What’s going on with Black Widow?
The answer seems pretty obvious at first if most internet theories on this topic are true.  These are more flashback scenes for Natasha, much like the shots of her ballet dancing in the last version of the trailer.  It seems to make the most sense, especially when you add a hairstyle that we have not seen before...and Natasha has changed her hair a few times over the course of these films.  Lets consider that theory to be true for now and dig a little deeper.  What is going on in Natasha’s past?  There is another female here (the red nail polish drives that home right away even in the quick cuts of the trailer), she has manhandled Natasha pretty easily and then thrown her on a gurney.  The next shot is of surgical tools.  Maybe this is a look at her early days in the KGB, and we are seeing parts of her brain washing or mental conditioning?  OH MY GOD, WHAT IF IT’S HYDRA!?  Seriously though, is that even Natasha being thrown down on the gurney or are we witnessing two different scenes put together for the trailer? The hair doesn’t look to be quite as red in that shot.  Her mother perhaps?  The possibilities are endless at this point, but it is very exciting to think we may get some extended backstory on our favorite female Avenger.  Especially since her name never came up in the Phase Three slate of movies.
2. Is the Hulk even more mad than usual?
As we all know, Hulk smashes like its his job, so in the early trailers it wasn’t much of a surprise to see him getting out of hand and going up against Iron Man.  This new trailer sheds a different light on the Hulk’s rampage in Age of Ultron, though.  In the Mark Ruffalo transformation shot and in the Black Widow/Hulk “Beauty and the Beast” scene, you can clearly see that the Hulk’s eyes are bright green just like in the past films.  But that’s not always the case in this trailer. His eyes are actually glowing red when he is fighting Iron Man, and they are also a close match to the glowing red eyes of Scarlet Witch!  Is the Hulk under some kind of spell cast by her?  If so, Black Widow seems more successful talking the Hulk down than Tony is trying to beat him physically in the Hulk Buster armor.  Hulk does love the ladies.
1. Who is that mysterious person in the cave?
This is the shot that really came out of left field and makes for the most new discussion.  Everything else in the trailer was basically extended footage of what we had seen before, but this was a completely new addition and it was quite intriguing. We know that at least part of Age Of Ultron takes place in South Africa and this portion of the trailer seems like this could reflect that.  The figure also seems to be African American, and I would take away that he/she is a young man or woman, based on the slight frame.  At first glance, I was sure it was a woman, but after a few views I now feel like it could be a boy.  This is mostly due to the fact that I think his head is shaved and Marvel also doesn't show too many women dropping their clothes. Could this be a young T’Challa?  That would be very awesome, but I’m not sure you give away a reveal like that in a trailer.  It seems too obvious, but that’s my only current theory besides the very far fetched chance that there could be Terrigen Crystals/Mist down there.  That would tie in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans very nicely, but I’m not sure it is going to happen this soon.