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The Flash ‘Revenge of the Rogues’ Review

The forecast for Central City didn’t call for a cold front or a heat wave, but the rogues plot revenge and Captain Cold and Heatwave blow into town.
Here is my review:

Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell do a great job as Leonard Snart’s Captain Cold and Mick Rory’s Heatwave.  They spend their efforts on enticing our speedster into a trap by luring him with crimes that The Flash would not usually hesitate to stop.  Mick is confused as to why they should care and devote time to taking down the Flash instead of getting on with more profitable crime.
The episode opens with Barry sparring with Cisco’s drones.  This was very well done and the special effects were as good as they have been on this show, which have been excellent.  This was one of the more full CGI use in the series thus far and it was better than what we see on most television shows of the genre.
Since his run in with the Reverse-Flash, Barry has been obsessed with increasing his speed.  The episode opens with Barry saying ”My name is Barry Allen and I am not the fastest man alive.”  Wells is keen in keeping the obsession going.  When it is evident that Captain Cold has returned, Wells convinces Barry that he needs to focus on his speed training more than worrying about Snart.   Joe even picks up on this when he catches Wells using a phrase that Barry said earlier.
Snart’s next caper is to steal a $25 million dollar painting being brought in by the Rathaways.  It is interesting that they refer to a son that does not exist as far as they are concerned.  Get ready for the Trickster folks!  In stealing the painting, our rogues are faced by cops with shields tricked out by Cisco to combat cold.  Yet again, Snart fails in luring the Flash to his trap.
Meanwhile Caitlin is tracking down Jason Rusch as he is her only lead to the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project and what happened to her fiancé.   After the meeting she is taken by Captain Cold and Heatwave.  If committing petty break ins and robberies would not lure the Flash, maybe taking one of his team will.
The final battle is very comic book like and fun.  Barry needs to get Captain Cold and Heatwave to cross their streams.  Hey!  It worked for the Ghostbusters didn’t it?  Anyway, after the battle our foes are heading to Iron Heights. 
Barry handles his romantic and friendship issues with Iris in a manner that was mature and drama free.  Arrow should take notes here.  In the end it looks like Barry and Joe will be roommates with Iris now shacking up with Thrawn.
Our post scene is Snart and Mick being transported to prison.  There is a commotion and the door swings open as Snart says hello to his sister.  For those that don’t know, she is Lisa Snart known as the Golden Glider in the comics.
Overall, this was another solid episode of the Flash.  I give it a 4.25 out of 5 stars.