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Macho Movie Monday #5 - Everly

Don't let the blog title fool you!  M3 is always up for an action flick with a badass female lead!  And it's even actually a Monday!!
What movie is this?

Everly (2015)


Who is in it?

Salma Hayek, many nameless and dead assassins


Who directed it?

Joe Lynch

How long is it?

92 minutes


What country is it from?


What language are they speaking?


What’s the irrelevant Rotten Tomatoes Score?

70% (audience)


What’s it about?

Salma Hayek takes no prisoners in this action packed thriller as a femme fatale unleashing the ultimate vengeance against a sadistic mob boss and his army of assassins.



How about a trailer?



Why should I watch it?

Fellow HHWLOD'er Russ put it best when he called it "The reverse Raid".  The plot can be broken down as just that.  Instead of the hero encountering waves of thugs as he goes deeper and deeper into a building, it's Everly locked in an apartment with waves of thugs trying to get in and kill HER. The HER is the really cool part.  Salma Hayek, looking beautiful as ever, takes the lead as a Yakuza mistress who gets caught snitching to the Feds.  Once her mob boss boyfriend finds out, he puts a price on her head and the assassins and hit men just keep coming. Hayek nails the role as the ex-call girl and unlikely hero, Everly.  She is not supposed to be an expert at using the vast array of shotguns, knives and explosives needed for her survival, but she is desparate and tough enough to make it all work.  
This movie has great R-rated action and blood, but never takes itself too seriously.  There are good laughs to be had from the insane kill shots and the ridicouls cast of characters that try to cash in on the bounty.  This was a highly anticipated title for me and it didn't dissapoint. 
Ok, you sold me. Where can I get it?
Everly is currently available for purchase or rental on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.
See you next time! No promises.
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