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Fantastic Four Reboot Teaser Trailer

As a long time Fantastic Four fan, I have been somewhat vocal in my skepticism about this reboot.  After seeing this new trailer, I am even less excited about this film.


It looks like it might be a cool SciFi film, but not a Fantastic Four film.  Rarely would I consider the FF to be dark, serious and grim as seen in this trailer.  While our first family of Marvel superheroes have faced some serious situations in the past, there has always been a light-hearted approach to how they handled sticky situations.  


Now, as someone who loves film and comic books,I will try and go into this film with an open mind.  I had similar concerns about 'Man of Steel', but I was pleasantly suprised at how much I enjoyed that film.  Regardless, as of now my expectations for this film are low.


What are your thoughts?