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Daredevil Trailer With Screenshots


Daredevil Trailer Screenshots

Glad that the religious themes of the Daredevil comics seem to be here as well
The trademark red glasses
All black hoodie ninja!
Abs and scars.  Superhero hallmarks.
Is this the radar "vision"?
Weird that he would be seeing himself if this is in fact his view...
Shady deals
Hell's Kitchen, I assume
That's a lot of blow
Karen Page!  Looking kind of drug addicty. Makes sense.
Foggy Nelson!
Uh oh, theres been a stabbing
Is that Karen Page over the body? Looks like it could be her hair
The old woman and man next to her look Asian.  Crime family?
Wilson Fisk admiring art
A very quick and dark glimpse of the Night Nurse
You can see the red lines in the suit.  It's mostly black with red accents.  
Very nimble






This is the early version of the suit