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New Marvel Age of Ultron Trailer to Debut During College Football Championship Game

It was announced during halftime of tonight's Rose Bowl, that a new Marvel Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer will air during the college football championship game on January 12th.  Game coverage starts at 8PM EST and will be on the ESPN Network.  


Keep an eye on the internet, as these things do tend to leak early!

Macho Movie Monday #2 - Firestorm

What Movie Is This?

Firestorm (2013)


How Long Is It?

118 minutes


Where's It From?

Hong Kong


What Language Are They Speaking?



Who Is In It?

Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam, Jun Hu


What's The Irrelevant Rotten Tomatoes Rating?



What Does It Say In The Official Synopsis Thingy?

A tough police inspector (Andy Lau) puts his own morality on the line in order to stop a ruthless gang of criminals in this Hong Kong action thriller that marks the feature directorial debut of prolific screenwriter Alan Yuen (New Police Story, Shaolin)



How About A Trailer?




Why Should I Watch It?

One of my favorite action movies of 2013, Firestorm is just bugnuts crazy.  It's a dozen of your favorite movies rolled up into one. While it's loaded with spectacular heists, fire fights in the streets of Hong Kong, the action is always wrapped around a cat and mouse game between police inspector Lui (Lau) and a ruthless gang of bank robbers led by Cao Nam (Jun Hu).  I'll call it the Hong Kong version of Heat for comparison sake. It has a stronger plot and more interesting characters than at least 90% of the action based films coming out in the States currently. As with many films outside of the US, the CGI is pretty bad, but it really didnt ruin my enjoyment or take me out of the movie at all. The plot does get a bit over complicated at times and it will keep you reading those subtitles at a fast and furious rate, but it's defintely worth the extra work.


Ok, You Sold Me.  Where Can I get It?

This one has been released in the US by Well-Go, so you can find it all over.


Amazon Blu-ray and DVD


Best Buy


See you next time! No promises.


In Macho Movie Monday, John spotlights his favorite lessor known action, adventure, martial arts and assorted B-movies from around the globe. While the title of the blog may demonstrate superb use of alliteration, it doesn't actually come out on Mondays or any other regular schedule.  


Send recommendations, comments and complaints to John at hhwlod dot com.

Vin Diesel Teases Inhumans Role On His Facebook Page

Vin Diesel sure does love Marvel movies.  The only thing he loves more is teasing his involvement in said movies.  It should also be noted that he wasn't lying the last time he layed a trail of breadcrumbs for us regarding his role in Guardians of the Galaxy.  Here's a photo he shared on his personal Facebook page earlier today.  What do you think?  Blackbolt?  It almost seems to obvious...




Official Ant-Man Art Reveals Yellow Jacket


Daredevil To Be Released On May 1st?

According to this European Netflix screenshot it will.  I love Reddit.