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Taylor Negron Dies At 57 Following Cancer Battle

Actor and comedian Taylor Negron has died folling a long battle with cancer.  He was 57.


Lead singer of 'Three Dog Night' and Negron's cousin Chuck Negron confirmed Taylor's death in an emotional You Tube video Saturday.












Negron was a veteran character actor best remembered for his roles in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High', 'Bio-Dome', 'Stuart Little', 'Angels in the Outfield' and so much more.


Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer: Surviving Together

Daredevil Director Steven DeKnight Holds Twitter Q & A

Daredevil director Steven DeKnight held an impromptu Q & A session on Twitter last night and the result was a mixed bag of telling info and subject dodging.  Some of the secrecy is understandable of course. I wouldn’t expect him to spoil any major details about the upcoming show and questions about Daredevil showing up in the Civil War and/or Infinity War films are kind of ridiculous at this point.  The Q and A comes on the heels of the official announcement that this first Marvel/Netflix project will be released on April 10, 2015, roughly one month ahead of previous rumors.





Some interesting notes:


  • He’s considers the show “PG-15”
  • The early costume is based off Frank Miller’s Man Without Fear
  • The show was shot in 4K
  • He says he is a big fan of Wilbur Day (Stilt Man), but he was probably joking.
  • He claims to not know the date we will see a trailer
  • The series is drawn from no comic run specifically but is influenced by “the spirit of Miller and Bendis”.


Batman v Superman now TWO films?

What is this?  This image showed up on Imgur today.  This has been reported as a screenshot that was allegedly taken from an upcoming teaser trailer for 'Batman v Superman'.


We have been aware that introduction of Ben Affleck's Batman has been priority into the DCU film world.  So it would make better sense and less forced if they were to give Affleck his own film introduction rather than have this be a sequel to 'Man of Steel'


The teaser trailer is expected to be attached to the film 'Jupiter Acsending' due out February 17th.


'Dawn of Justice' is due out March 25th 2016 and will possibly be preceded by 'Enter the Knight' this October.

New Ant-Man Images From EW Magazine

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