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Crown of Queens Episode 005

Zombie bats! Vampire lords! Uninvited guests and a lunatic on a silver chain! All this and more in the latest exciting episode of Crown of Queens! Join the adventure!


Crown of Queens Episode 004

Join our intrepid adventurers as they delve deeper into the extraplanar chambers and meet the demon Charn! Its a liveplay RPG with sound effects and soundtrack to create a theater of the mind experience! Don't miss this!


Crown of Queens Episode 002

Join our ragtag group of adventurers as they run afoul of a league of assassins and find themselves embroiled in a much bigger scheme than they originally suspected! Listen up! we take actual play RPG goodness and mix it with a soundtrack and effects to create theatre of the mind!


Crown of Queens Episode 003

Join our band of adventurers as they run afoul of an assassins guild and are forced into a job that may be their last! Crown of Queens is a real-play RPG with sound effects, music and more to make it a theater experience of the mind! Don't miss this!


The Grey Council: Babylon 5 Revisited - Episode 08: "Grail" & "Eyes"


The Council is back in session while we explore the adventures of Jinxo and the search for the Holy Grail along with Colonel Ben Zayn who is trying to take away Sinclair's command. We are still in the very heart of revisiting B5's first season with S1,Eps.15,16: "Grail" & "Eyes." Join hosts Craig DiMonda, Darrell Taylor, Jim Dietz, and "Chubtoad" Richard Sheldon as we take this extremely entertaining dive back into the world of Babylon 5, each and every week.

Please JOIN our group: facebook.com/Groups/GreyCouncilPodcast