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HHWLOD Special Star Trek Part 3 - The Next Generation

Join hosts Craig DiMonda, Jim Dietz, Darrell Taylor, and Richard "Chubtoad" Sheldon for PART 3 of our special podcast series honoring Star Trek and its upcoming 50th Anniversary.  In this installment, the hosts share their personal top 5 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as a quick discussion of the new movie "Star Trek: Beyond" and the upcoming TV series on CBS.


HHWLOD Special: Star Trek Part 2: The Movies

We continue our celebration of 50 years of Star Trek with a look this time at the first six movies. Join Craig DiMonda, Darrell Taylor, Russ Latham, Chubtoad Sheldon and Jim Dietz for a fun, in-depth discussion!


HHWLOD Special Star Wars Episode VI

Return of the Jedi

We have a big cast to finish out our look at Return of the Jedi.  Jordan, Craig, Jim, Darrell, Russ and Glenn all chime in on the movie.  Topics include Shadows of the Empire, the Jedi Academy and EU novels, Kyle Katarn, Spacehunter: Adventure in the Forbidden Zone in 3D and the 80's 3D craze.  It was a great finish.  Until we cover The Force Awakens.

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HHWLOD Special Star Wars Episode VII

The Force Awakens

At long last it's finally here, our review of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Join Russ, Darrell, Jim, Craig and Jordan as we break down the movie event of 2015.

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HHWLOD Special Star Wars Episode V

The Empire Stikes Back

Into the home stretch as Russ, Jordan, Craig, Frank, Darrell, and Jim discuss 1980's The Empire Strikes Back.  The crown jewel of the Star Wars frnachise.  We discuss limited releases,shadows of the empire,tales of the bounty hunters,spoilers,Luuke Skywalker,Luke committing suicide?, and Star Wars video games.  Stick around for a blooper segment as Frank makes his lunch. 

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