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We Watch Watchmen: Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship

The countdown continues as Darrell, Rich, Jim and ,briefly, Aaron recap and review the second episode of the Watchmen mini-series!


We Watch Watchmen- "It's Summer and We're Running Out of Ice"

Tick Tock tick tock! Welcome to We Watch Watchmen, our episode by episode look at HBO's new Watchmen mini-series! Join Russ, Rich, Darrell, Aaron and Jim as they recap and review the Pilot Episode! Join us for your front row seats to the end of the world...


Crown of Queens Episode 007

Our band of heroes continues to uncover the mysteries of the Night Garden and encounters an unexpected foe! Join the adventure!


We Watch Watchmen Episode 01

Tick tock tick tock...The new Watchmen mini-series is about to start so we are covering it episode by episode! Join us for this Intro pod wherein we go over some Watchmen history, engage in rampant speculation, and pull some interesting details from the trailer and IMDB. Join Russ Rich and Jim for the end of the world...again.


Crown of Queens Episode 006

Join our reluctant heroes as they breach the mystic portal into The Night Garden, a strange, magical and potentially deadly residence full of curiosities and wonders both incredible and horrifying,,,