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Really BS

Join the members of the HHWLOD Podcast network as they talk about everything from movies, to video games, to TV, tech and even sports. This is Really BS.
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The Really Big Show 9.5 Bonus

Join veteran BS artists Jim, Darrell and Rich for an in-depth off-the-cuff geeky discussion, mostly centered on the Marvel vs. DC movie strategies but also touching on many other geeky topics. Extra BS for your buck!


Really Big Show 009 August 2014

Join a full cast of dudes as we discuss all of the great geekery going on in August. There's plenty of TV, movie and video game talk for everyone here! We would like to apologize in advance to Ali Larter fans and any Oklahoman correction officers that may be listening.


Really Big Show 008

The two man crew of John and Russ bring you a whole lot of B.S. for July! Topics discussed include leaked TV pilots, extremely violent video games, Batman '66 on blu-ray and much more!


Really Big Show 007

JIm and Jordan welcome our latest edition to the roster, Richard "Chubtoad" Sheldon, by bombarding each other with bombastic billows of BS including a preliminary discussion of Amazing Spider-Man 2 (before the Reel Heroes episode), Orphan Black, Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones, Child of Light, FTL and lots more. Its a heaping helping of BS in the mighty LOD manner!


Really Big Show 006

It's the long lost episode of Really BS. We catch you up on what we've been reading, watching, playing and listening to. Also we speculate on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Listen to how right or wrong we were.


Really Big Show 005

HHWLOD O.G.s Jim, Russ and John dish out a ton of B.S. about the latest movies, TV shows and video games. It's a New Year's extravaganza!


Really Big Show 004

Jordan, Jim and Russ welcome back John and sling around a bunch of B.S.! There's loads of talk about XBox One, Playstation 4, Doctor Who and lots more!


Really Big Show 003

Finally back for a show full of BS! We discuss,Avatar,Cap Trailer,MI5,World War Z,Arkham Origins,New Consoles,Thor,GTAV,RUBY,Beyond Two Souls,Arrow,SHIELD,A Band Called Death,Don't Trust The B in Apt 23, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, Derek and a bunch more


Really Big Show 002

This month Jordan, Jim, and Russ talk Orange is the new Black,Pacific Rim,The Wolverine,Hot Coffee,Venture Brothers,Beware the Batman,Breaking Bad,State of Decay,Riddick, and a bunch more. Tune into The Really Big Show!


Really Big Show 001

Join Russ, Jim and Jordan as they discuss Star Trek Into Darkness, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, new consoles, upcoming finish to the summer movie season and a bunch more