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Its All Connected 126 - Netflix Cancels Everything

After a long hiatus Darrell and Russ are joined by our Walking Dead TV co host Jim Dietz and Gotham by Geeks co host Hassan.  The main topic is TV in this episode.  We dive very deep on the Netflix cancellation of the Marvel shows and what this means for Disney +.


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Its All Connected 120 - Agents of SHIELD Runaways Punisher

This episode we mark the triumphant return of Matthew Aero and do some catching up with him about the Fox Disney deal, Infinity War trailer, and Thor Ragnarok.  Then we discuss Agents of SHIELD Season 5 episodes 4-5, the first 1/2 of Marvels Runaways and episodes 5-13 of The Punisher.
Time Stamps
00:00:00 - 00:21:00 Catching up
21:00 - 47:30 AoS
47:30 - 1:16:30 Runaways
1:16:30 - 1:53:24 Punisher


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Its All Connected 125 - Ant-Man and The Wasp Movie Review

Matthew makes his triumphant return to discuss the 3rd MCU theatrical release of 2018. Not even fireworks can stop Russ, Darrell and Matthew from giving our take on Ant-Man and The Wasp.


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Its All Connected 124 - Luke Cage S2 Jessica Jones S2 AoS S5

Russ and Darrell discuss some brief news.  Then we go over Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2 and the back half of Agents of SHIELD Season 5.


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Its All Connected 123 - Infinity War Review

At long last, our Avengers Infinity War movie review resurrected from the dead.  Russ, Brad and Darrell give our take on Avengers: Infinity War.  Spoler, we liked it.


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