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Longbox of Doom

"Gathered together from remote galaxies are the most sinister podcasters of all time....The Longbox of Doom"


Formed in 2008 as The Legion of Dudes the hosts covered a variety of topics including movies, TV and video games.  In 2013 they renamed themselves The Longbox of Doom and refocused on their core, in-depth comic reviews and analysis.



LOD 234 - The Legion of Dudes - Resident Evil Retrospective

John, Russ and Jim discuss the Resident Evil movie series. Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution.


LOD 267 - The 2014 Dudies Part 2


Join a full quorum of Dudes as we finish our ultra-mega giant-sized end-of-the-year blowout including sections on our picks for video games and movies plus our Lightning Round categories and our predictions for 2015! Listen up!







LOD 266 - 2014 Dudies Part 1

A giant cast of dudes bring you the most anticipated HHWLOD Podcast event of the year, The Seventh Annual 2014 Dudies Awards!   Listen in as we crown the best of the year in comics, tv, movies, video games and much, much more.  
This show was so big that we had to cut it into two parts so it wouldn't destroy your brains!


HHWLOD Holiday BS 2014
Is your favorite TV show and/or podcast on hiatus?  No problem, we have you covered!  John and Russ have hijacked several of the HHWLOD podcast feeds to bring you some good old holiday BS!  We talk movies, tv, North Korea, video games and are even joined by special guest Brad Milyo of Half Hour Wasted fame!  Trust us, this is what you want for Christmas.  Plus, your PS4 can't connect so you have nothing better to do.

Beware, in this episode there are spoilers for:
Sons of Anarchy series finale
Gone Girl
Doctor Who Christmas Special

LOD 265 - What The Dudes Want For Christmas 2014

It's time again for the 7th, that's right 7th annual What the Dudes Want for Christmas.  Jordan, Jim and Russ are joined as always by Shawn Pryor.  We give recommendations, talk about what we want, and get extravagant before delving into our naughty and nice lists.  Enjoy this holiday treat.


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LOD 264 - October 2014 BS

The LOD are back and Russ, Jim , Rich, and Jordan have been reading a ton of comics. Avengers, East of West, Future's End, Thor, Original Sin, Edge of Spider-Verse, we also break down the canceling of the Fantastic Four, plus a lot more


LOD - 263 - Hickman's FF Part 4

The LOD crew continue the journey breaking down Johnathon Hickman's Fantastic Four/FF run.  This episode we hit FF in the wake of the death of Johnny Storm.


LOD - 262 - June 2014 BS Show

Jim, Richard and Russ discuss All New X-Factor,Harbinger,Batman Beyond 2.0,Justice League Beyond 2.0,Marvel's FF fight with FF,Cyclops,Magneto,Batman Eternal,Batman,Thanos Annual,,East of WestBlack Science,Saga,Shang Chi,IDW Star Trek,Warren Ellis Trees,Comicpalooza,Dallas Comic Con,Lazarus and a whole lot more


LOD - 261 - Hickman's FF Part 3

Russ, Jordan and Jim finish off the Fantastic Four series proper with issues 581-588. This includes the death of Johnny Storm. It's part 3 of our look at Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run.


LOD 260 - The Longbox Of Doom - Amazon and Comixology

Russ, Jim and Jordan discuss Amazon's purchase of Comixology.  We speculate on what it means for comics, the LCS, and the industry.


The Longbox of Doom - 259 - LOD Top 20 Movies of All Time

Finally, the LOD go through their personal Top 20 Movie lists.  We also discuss what didn't make the cut in their personal lists and some stats from the master list.  Be sure to listen to HHW 363 for the full list.


The Longbox of Doom - 257 - Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four Part 1

Join Jordan, Russ and Jim as we take apart Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four run old school LOD style! Its all part of the madness known as Fantastic February!



Dark Reign Fantastic Four: 1-5

Fantastic Four: 570-572


LOD 256 - Welcome to Fantastic February!

Welcome to Fantastic February! In this episode, Jim and Jordan discuss their introductions to Marvel's First Family, their favorite runs on The Fantastic Four, various analogues of the team that have existed throughout media, and preview the other Fantastic February episodes that will come out this month!


The Longbox of Doom - 255 - 2013 Dudies

A little later than normal but we all get together and celebrate the best of 2013.  We then cap it off with our lightning rounds.


The Longbox of Doom 254 - What the Dudes Want for Christmas 2013

Russ, Jim and little Jack Dietz, Jordan and returning guest Shawn Pryor present our annual "What the Dudes Want for Christmas Show". It's a little late but we give recommendations, wants, and the always fun naughty and nice lists. Enjoy!



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