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Out Now Bonus - Interview with Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford: Directors of Ghost Team One

And now for something completely different.  Abe and Aaron are normally happy reviewing movies or providing commentaries, but here is a new kind of bonus episode:  a legitimate film interview with filmmakers.  Ben Peyser and Scott Rutherford are the directing duo behind the new film Ghost Team One, which will be released on October 11th theatrically and On Demand (find out how to see it HERE), and they were kind of enough to join Aaron and Abe for an exclusive interview about the making of the film from its inception up to its release.  It helps that Ben and Scott were game to have fun with Aaron and Abe, while also providing some actual insight into the filmmaking process.  Basically, everyone tried to have a good time, while providing some neat facts about a new movie.