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Out Now Bonus – Top Ten of 2013 (Part 2)

This episode of Out Now with Aaron and Abe is always one of the most anticipated ones, as it involves Aaron and Abe gathering some frequent guests and going over their favorite movies of the year. This year, the episode was so big that the guys decided to cut it into two episodes. This is part two of the Top Ten of 2013 countdown, which goes over Aaron and Abe, along with guests Mark Hobin, Maxwell Haddad, and Scott Mendelson’s 4-1 picks, along with some mentions of picks from other frequent guests and listeners of the show. Of course, there is also plenty of banter to go along with the various picks that are stated, let alone lots of other little bonuses, so be sure to dig into this second half, and be very happy to go back and listen to part 1, if you haven’t checked in on that one yet.