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Out Now Bonus - 2013 Accolades

Here’s another bonus episode of Out Now with Aaron and Abe and it’s another big one in terms of wrapping up the group’s thoughts on the films of 2013.  It is an award show, which has Aaron and Abe going over what they have as picks for the “Best Of’s” in a lot of different categories, such as “Best Actor”, “Best Director”, etc., along with other (more fun) categories like “Best Comedic Scene”, “Favorite CG Character,” and so on.  Additionally, Aaron and Abe asked all of their guests to fill out their own answers for these categories, so they can be compiled together, determining the most popular entries, resulting in some fun overall results.  And that’s still not all! Mr. Scooter has returned once again, with his own picks, and serves as the special guest on this episode!  Plenty of accolades to hand out, so glad the right crew was available.