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Out Now Bonus: Horror Special 5 - The 90s To Now

We made it! 5 weeks and 5 podcasts devoted to horror films.  Aaron is joined by the full crew: Brandon Peters from Naptown Nerd, Jimmy O from JoBlo, and Jason Coleman form Star Pulse, but that’s not all. Abe finally joins in as well, as the group goes over the last few decades of horror, the 1990s up to present time.  Listen in, as the guys discuss the state of horror following the 80s, the revival of horror in the mid-90s, the impact of films such as Scream, The Blair Witch Project, Saw, Paranormal Activity, and more. It is a packed episode, with lots of great information and a lot of fun to be had, as these horror hounds wrap up their thoughts concerning this month-long discussion of horror films spanning nearly a century.