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Its All Connected 118 - Defenders and News

Back after an extended hiatus to bring you news on Daredevil Season 3, Infinity War/Avengers 4 filming, Black Panther trailer, Venom, Punisher, Inhumans IMAX losses and then we discuss the Marvel Netflix series The Defenders.
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Time Stamps:
00:00:00 - 00:34:39 - News
00:34:39 - 1:25:07 The Defenders


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Its All Connected 117 - Comic Con 2017 D23 News Lost SpiderMan Tapes

It's an episode chock full of news from SDCC and D23.  Topics include Infinity War footage, Avengers 4 filming, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel in the 90s!! Thor Ragnarok, Jeremy Lacham moving to Fox, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 in 4kUHD, Netlifx's Punisher, Daredevil Season 3, Iron Fist Season 2, Defenders Reviews, New Warriors casting, Runaways and Spider-Man Homecoming.  As a special after the show we were able to pull segments from the lost Spider-Man: Homecoming episode with Brad Milyo


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It's All Connected 116 - News and Iron Fist Impressions

Russ, Darrell, and John are back to cover the Black Panther and Inhumans Trailer.  Also we cover news on Infiinty War, Spider-Man, San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok.  Then we finally discuss Netflix's Iron Fist series.  And John predicts the future on Black Widow.




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It's All Connected 115 - Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Wrap Up

Matthew, Darrell, and Russ wrap up their coverage of Agents of SHIELD Season 4.  Coming right on the heels of a Season 5 renewal.





Its All Connected 114 - Defenders Panel Comicpalooza 2017

We have The Defenders Panel audio from Comicpalooza 2017.  Join Mike Colter and Finn Jones as they discuss anime, fans, coffee, watching their own work, and of course The Defenders.
This audio was recorded in a large theater so apologies in advance for any audio issues.