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The Flash: ‘The Sound and the Fury’ Review

All meta-humans living beneath the sun, that creep, fly or fast they run, will come after me as you never saw.  The Flash will chase after with the precision of a sniper, for people can call me the Pied Piper!
That’s right kids!  The Pied Piper has shown up to Central City to flush out the Flash and take his revenge on Harrison Wells.  As we have been led to believe, Wells is the Reverse Flash.  We had definite confirmation tonight as we saw him amp up the reverse super speed to escape his old prodigy turned villain’s trap of raining glass at the Wells homestead.  We also learn that his use of the wheelchair is not a complete lie.  It seems his ability to walk at times as well as his bursts of super speed is limited.  Why does Harrison Wells need the tachyon device?  What really has happened to him to leave him broken?
Wells easily figures out that his old number one, Harley Rathaway is behind the intrusion in his home.  Harrison reveals this to Barry and team.  Cisco and Caitlin were none too happy to learn that this former colleague and royal pain in the ass has returned into their lives.  Apparently when working together on building the super collider, he treated Caitlin as a stupid girl and Cisco as a lame engineer.  Hartley has information about Wells that no one else knows. Hartley was genius smart; he knew how to play Wells and the team. It is good seeing a villain that was above average in the smarts department. Hartley manipulated and played with the team’s tactics to his advantage. 
Wells admits to the crew that he has a secret as Hartley insinuates.  He reveals that Hartley had calculated and warned him that the super collider explosion was a distinct possibility.  Harrison covered this up by firing Hartley and extorting him into keeping his mouth shut.  The team does not take this well.  Caitlin is especially upset as she lost her fiancé in that explosion.
A side plot we had in this episode was Iris West being hired by a news organization she loves, only to discover she was only hired because of an assumed connection to the Flash due to her blog.  This was not a particularly compelling part of the episode, but hopefully will pay off down the road.
In the end, Hartley is captured and put away in the basement holding area at STAR labs.  Did anyone else notice the 52 sign?  Hartley taunts Cisco and tells him he will release him soon.  He reveals that he knows what happened to Ronnie Raymond and where he is hiding.  I have a feeling that this might be the origin point of Cisco becoming Vibe.  
As far as the theme of the vibration frequencies this episode, I wonder if we will see it again in some kind of Flash of Two Worlds story arc at some point.
This episode was pretty solid.  With the exception of the Iris plot, the episode was compelling and exciting.  I give it a 4.25 out of 5 stars.